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B & B Tobacco is located at 243G Neff Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA.

  • The B & B humidor is over 240 square feet with hundreds of cigars that are guaranteed to please your palate.
  • This humidor has one of the most advanced humidification systems available in the market today.
    Your cigars will be kept at the best temperature and humidity combination possible; this makes your cigars that much more enjoyable.
  • B & B also has individual cigar "lockers" which you may rent.
    • With your own cigar locker you can keep your smokes protected and in perfect condition by the B & B humidification system.

  • There is a private smoking lounge for members with satellite TV, plush, comfortable chairs and even free high speed internet.
    • With all of these comforts you can "be at work" while enjoying a great smoke and meeting with fellow aficionados at the same time.

La Matilde event

Here at the shop Wednesday, August 27th from 4-7pm

Come join us and smoke some of the best Tabacalera La Matilde's!

Meet and great the son of Jose Seijas, Enrique Seijas. Master blenders for over 40 years!


Tabacalera La Matilde